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Stage 3
By Unforgiven
A knight that suffers from amnesia, tries to recover his memories that dwell inside a castle within his dreams. Dive into your dreams to uncover lost memories and reveal the truth about your past and the evil entity within the castle. Stage 3 is an Action RPG Roguelite game where your main mission is to dispel the curse of a magical castle. Test your might against challenging enemies, upgrade your gear and dive into insanity mode to discover new threats and rewards.
Unforgiven was founded in August of 2015 with a small group of friends who wanted to create video games that people could enjoy around the world and bring back our taste for the old-school gaming. Stage 3 comes from our love of the RPG genre and fantasy worlds, where our vision was to create an old-school dungeon crawler adding unique elements and immersing the player into a beautiful fantasy environment. It features: 3D Fantasy Roguelite Action RPG Combat Complex crafting and enchanting system Insanity mode
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