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    Lightning Ball Return HOme
    By nirhan
    Lightning Ball: Return Home is fast, fun, visually stunning and challenging platform game where you control an alien spherical ship that accidentally came to the Earth through a portal and must return home to its galaxy.
    👍 RICH LEVELS WITH VARIOUS THEMES, OBSTACLES AND GOALS 👍 You will play different levels with themes such as production plant, nature with greenery, water, hills, fire, city and space in order to avoid obstacles, destroy enemies and collect enough points to upgrade and open the portal leading home ✔ Very dynamic, fun and challenging ✔ Visual stunning (beautiful landscapes, greenery, foliage, hills, rivers, production plants, cities, space, various mechanisms . . .) ✔ Many different obstacles to the goal challenging for all types of players ✔ Enemies, bosses, destructible objects, platforms, traps ✔ Many destructive elements, obstacles and secret passages ✔ Collect time points and win Upgrades that lead to the ultimate goal of the game and story ✔ Graphic options for LOW, MEDIUM and HIGH quality graphics depending on mobile hardware specifications ✔ If the game becomes difficult free UNLOCK NEW LEVEL button provides quick unlocking of a new level ✔ The longer you play levels become more complex and fun Why Lightning ball: Return Home rules: 👍 Addictive 👍 Crazy fast speed and dynamic gameplay 👍 Fun gameplay 👍 Bright vibrant and unique 3d graphics with multiple themes 👍 Engaging music and sound effects 👍 Challenging - Easy to learn but difficult to master 👍 Great time killer 😃 PLAY AND ENJOY IN EXCITING GAME PLAY AND GRAPHICS😃
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