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    Tiny Connect Animals
    By amlcreation
    Tiny Connect Animals is a nice and interesting puzzle game, you must solve and connect Funny Tiny Pets using a line. This game is also known as Connect the dots.
    Colorful, unique and entertaining, you'll want to play every day and solve every puzzle of the game. COOL & FUN TINY CHARACTERS Each pack contains many Tiny Pets very cute and unique. They are really adorable and wait for you to play for hours. Start with Pack 1, the simplest and connect little foxes, cute cats, adorable mice, fun pandas, small blue birds in a 5x5 board. Pack 2 contains 6X6 paintings with 6 kawaii animals and difficulty increases up to Pack 10 with a 14X14 table and so 14 Tiny Animals to fall backwards! CONNECT TINY ANIMALS You must connect identical animals with a continuous line. Press the animal, slide your finger and create a line up to his twin. Make sure the lines end, do not overlap or cross. The lines must fully cover the empty spaces of the tables, this point is very easy to do in the mode "easy" but much more complicated for the levels in the "hard" mode and requires logic and reflection for the difficult levels of different packs. Are you stuck? No problem, you can use a hint that will show you the correct path for one of the animal Tiny. DIVERTISING HEADBANDS You will be surprised how far the puzzles of this game can take you. The first levels of packs are easy, but bigger the grid the harder it is. In addition each pack contains 75 levels with 3 difficulty categories: easy for the first 25 levels, average for the next 25, difficult for the last 25 levels of the pack. Connecting points has never been more exciting and fun!
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