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    Perseverance: Part 2
    By TitaniteGames
    Perseverance is a horror/crime thriller visual novel. Play as Karen, a calculated assassin, and witness the gripping story of secrets, passion, and violence.
    The second part of the graphic novel Perseverance: Part 2 tells the story of Karen Stamp. Covered in an aura of femme fatale understatements, Karen appears in the quiet Grey Ville on the eve of disturbing events that could change the idyllic countryside forever. A cold agent, commissioned by a mysterious organization, confronts the demons of the past, both re-discovering her relationship with the former mentor and settling the failed mission. Although she tries with all her might to please her bosses, they treat her as a useful tool, nothing more. Karen, an admirer of order, will be forced to face the chaos that will haunt a sleepy town. Fate will test her ability to establish relationships and the cold rules she has created to keep her loved ones away from herself in order not to hurt them. The agent’s main motivation will be to look for the mysterious Jane, the girl who seems to be spreading the mysterious virus. A mysterious scientist will appear among the suspects. The owner of the local gas station, Bob, will play an important role. How will the fate of the characters turn out? Will Grey Ville be saved or exterminated?
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