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By The bClick Team
b-Ocracy - b-Fight-ing game! Fight the greatest uprising in the land of b-Ocracy! Attack, Heal, Conquer, Win!
​b-Ocracy - The b-Fight-ing game! Fight through an uprising of the B's after turning the land of b-Ocracy into a bictatorship! Battle as characters looking like A's, and C's to progress through the land and stop the evil ruling B's over the land! IT'S SIMPLE - Play by clicking the right image (opponent) to attack them. Defeat your opponent before they finish you! HUNDREDS OF CHARACTERS - There are new characters releasing all the time! OFFLINE - No need for internet. It's all on your device. MULTI-PLATFORM - b-Ocracy can be played on your device no matter what rectangle of glass you are using! It works for any size screen and any device! MULTIPLAYER - b-Ocracy comes with a multiplayer mode which can be played on touchscreen devices! So grab a friend to play on the same device! CHARACTER STORE - Use virtual "redbacks" to purchase characters in the game to fight with. SERIES MODE - Play endless battles and get 500x more redbacks than normal playing. Boost your rewards. COMPLETELY FREE - b-Ocracy is 100% free with no in-app purchases, ads or price to play! Enjoy b-Ocracy free forever. HIGH-RES VECTOR GRAPHICS made by Ethan Choo, Michael Kwee-Bintoro, Alwin C, Cameron Samuels, and many more! FROM YOUR FAVORITE DEV - b-Ocracy is lead by the famous Cameron Samuels who has made top apps in the app store including a Fidget Spinner app with more than 600,000 downloads.

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