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    Game Dev Masters
    By Hulgarth
    In Game Dev Masters you are teleported to an alternate universe to prove your game design mastery. You will need to make critical decisions about how to grow your company, and staff. Use logic combined with a plethora of player options to create the number one AAA game studio of all time.
    Game Dev Masters uses a complex procedural generation on each new game to create topic matches with genres / target audiences, genre work weights / target matches, company Ai, and a ton of other factors. Although this can create some UN-expected results, you are in an alternate reality where those results fit that specific world. Even if Fantasy + RPG is a great combo in our world, that does not mean it will be in your game world. Using this system of procedural generation Game Dev Masters unlike all other tycoon style game development sims CAN NOT have a third-party wiki or trainer that tells you how to play the game. This is then offset in game by the use of complete transparency when it comes to designing games. If you make use of all the in-game tools for research and development everything from matches to slider weights is visible for you in the HUD during design. Combining procedural generation and design transparency has allowed me to create an engaging experience that is less about following a guide and more about using logic and decision making to create the highest rated games possible. With all the tools and options at your disposal there will be several ways you can approach every play through to try and find the perfect plan to be successful quickly and dominate the leader-boards. Features Features Procedural Generation Design and create games of various sizes Deep Research Systems Grow your team or workers Train workers to improve there various stats / abilities Learn Worker skills such as "Crunch Time, Leveraging Social Media" and more Select one of four office perks per play through Research new engine technologies and create custom engines Banking system with loans / investments 15 Ai Companies which you can buy / sell stock for Yearly Awards Attend Conventions and eventually create your own Detailed financial Reports and income history Beautiful 3d environments Character Customization and much more...
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