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    Shoot The Dragons
    By Weedo Games
    Are you ready to SHOOT? Shoot the Dragons is a challenging shump game with classic gameplay. Packed with humour and modern design, Shoot the Dragons is endlessly replayable and features deep storytelling. It's more than just a game, it's an experience!
    • Endless, classic, increasingly difficult shooting gameplay! • Choose from 4 heroes to battle through the dangerous world of Pandora • Over 20 different Buddies to choose from to support your hero on his adventures • Dozens of unique minions, elites and end of level bosses to beat • Humorous and absurd art and animation • Completely upgradeable Heroes and Buddies • Dash, capture, collect. Mixed different play styles together in a single game • Events - multiple in-game events allowing you the chance to gain extra collection items if you can beat them • Leagues - The game features 7 leagues to progress through. The higher your League the greater your rewards! • 'The Golden Palace' - The place to strike it rich on Pandora. Come here to gamble and hopefully win some gold, gems or collection items • Multiple attack styles from bosses - Bosses have multiple attack patterns and multiple fighting styles. Don't get bored fighting the same way all the time! • Meaningful story with secrets to be unveiled the further you progress • Many many missions for you to try and complete! • Discover tonnes of Easter eggs paying homage to some of our heroes of yesterday Shoot The Dragons is free to play and available to download from the Apple App Store now!
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