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Crusaders Dynasty
By holyfot
Crusader's Dynasty is a medieval/fantasy battle royale and Capture the flag game where you can play as different champions, kill bosses and find better loot.
Crusaders Dynasty is a medieval/fantasy battle royale with both PVP and PVE elements, mounts, bosses, guilds, champions. Loot crates/barrels/chests and NPCs to find better weapons & gain epic abilities & magic. Pick damage, healing or tank champions to balance your team. Currently in development for PC/Steam and Phantasma Blockchain. Mounts: Play and earn various mounts and horses, some are more rare than others and are a little faster. PVE: Fight different animals, humans, orcs, demons and bosses. Watch out for other teams trying to kill you and steal your boss kill. Game Modes: Choose a game mode from Battle Royale, Ranked Battle Royale or Capture the Flag. Guilds: Join Guilds, Create guilds, customize rank names, customize your guild's icon. Browse various guilds that exist. In game you will be able to place your Guild's banner down. Team Roles: Choose tank, ranged/melee dps or healer champions to make a good team composition. Champions: Champions have certain stats and can use specific types of weapons. Crypto: Earn or purchase game items (NFTs) using the Phantasma Blockchain.
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