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    Ultimate Reality
    By VoxPopGames
    A figure known as THE DESTROYER OF REALITIES is out there looking for various artifacts in order to wipe out every universe in existence.
    Suit up in this dimensional pixelated adventure as an unknown hero who will travel the multiverse in search of The Destroyer. Play in a 2D Platform fighter where your acrobatics and combat will be put to test against a plethora of enemies from across the multiverse. STORY Drake Smith is a scientist by hobby who made a device capable of allowing it's users to travel across dimensions. After discovering this power, Drake Smith suits up as a masked hero travelling to these dimensions, ensuring his world is not in harm's way. However this all takes a dark turn after he discovers an artifact that allows its users to not only travel to different dimensions, but to access the multiverse and the realms of reality. He discovers that a figure known as THE DESTROYER OF REALITIES is planning on collecting all these artifacts and wiping out every reality in existence. Drake Smith must travel around the multiverse in search of this evil and stop it once and for all! GAMEPLAY Play as a masked hero who can travel to different dimensions to get the upper hand in combat! Go from an untouchable shadowy figure, to an unstable organism that can create decoys of itself, always finding creative ways to take out your foes! You can also choose different suits that have different perks and different move sets! Use the suits that compliments your play style! Travel the realms of reality and discover different areas, such as the Lost City of Atlantis or to a very different take on the 16th century! Traverse levels using various acrobatic moves and stay out of reach from different enemies! FEATURES Suits - 3 Different suits that will compliment your playstyle and unlock differents moves and perks Dimensional Abilities - Up to ten different dimensional abilities that will be unlocked as you progress through the game! These dimensional abilities will give you a upperhand in combat and allow you to travel never seen before dimensions!
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