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    Jobin The Penguin
    By noahbwilson
    Ready for adventure? Jobin The Penguin has lost his ball and will go to great lengths to get it back in this fun, exciting, sometimes silly, classically inspired adventure!
    Shape Aliens have taken Jobin's favorite ball, mistaking it as their great leader! The horror! Play as Jobin The Penguin on a quest that will take this lovable penguin away from his frozen home and all over the world! Collect unexpected powerups like fire balls, jet packs, laser beams, grenades, swords, and ninja stars as you battle your way through the foolish invaders. Meet new friends like Mort The Walrus, Amy The Tropical Penguin, and the legendary Dave The Yeti! With 30 giant levels of gameplay to explore, you'll gladly tell the world that you're a fan of Jobin The Penguin. - Explore new world on a giant map! - Collect Penguin Coins to unlock new areas. - Carry 8 items at once. - Shop at various shops located around the world! - Use SCP Coins you've earned from other SCP Games to buy items and new level packs! - Never give us a single dime! Everything is free!
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