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    Cygnus Pizza Race
    By VoxPopGames
    Welcome to the greatest challenge in the Cygnus Galaxy: Getting a deliveration job with the Cygnus Pizza Federation.
    Compete against the galaxy’s finest pizza delivery wannabes in this high-speed thrill ride! Challenge your "friendships" and sabotage your enemies in two-person, head-to-head local races that put your piloting skills to the test in . . . The Cygnus Pizza Race!!! The VoxPop Games Exclusive Edition comes with: Amazing Space Tracks, gearing up for a touring session Otherworldly Racing, built for novice players and racing game mastery Exclusive Pizza Pole Positioning, ensure you taste the Pineapple! Gain your REP and BANK your boosts, become the "TOP SLICE" Rewards and bragging rights over your fellow racers and Streamers Avoid the trappings of toppings and other Space Dangers
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