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    Invasion Multiplayer
    By MagicTech Studio
    Fast 3d open world shooter
    For a long time, the humanity has wondered if we are alone in the universe, and now the answer has been found. They have arrived, but they don't come in peace, and our planet has become the next planet to conquer. Their civilization is more advanced than ours, and they have an army of robots that will fight to the death for breaking us. But what they don't know is that we have a brave that will give them a hard fight to release each one of the cities that have been invaded. That soldier is you. Are you willing to accept the challenge? We are very proud to announce our Invasion multiplayer videogame. Invasion is free to play. Enjoy of epic battles and protect every one of the cities with your friends, working in team or fighting alone against the invasors. Invasion is a very fast action 3d video game that will make you feel in the body of a futuristic soldier, your misssion will be fight against your enemies, for that you have very powerful weapons, like the pistol, the sniper, the rocket launcher, but be careful, because your enemies have very powerful weapons too, and they will chase you without compassion. are you prepared for this challenge? do you want to support us ? The best way is by playing the game, making it known to others, and inviting others to play it as well. If you think you can help us in another way, let us know. You can Download this game for free from the official website.
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