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Emoji Riddles™
By Sidework AI
Emoji Riddles™ is a novel puzzle game using emojis. Artificial intelligence has been trained on nearly 2000 emojis to create challenging riddles with 😃, ❤️, and 🤷 that are sure to keep you 🤔 and coming back for more!
Brainstorm words and sound out syllables for each emoji to solve each riddle. Play through a hundred levels consisting of popular culture, travel, and geography for free, or purchase additional riddle packs for sports, childhood, and business themes. Game play ranges from simple and straightforward to challenging and thought provoking. Give Emoji Riddles™ a try, to decipher the Emoji AI! *** Emoji Riddles™ features *** * Content - 150 free riddles available in Free Play mode - Free Noteworthy Entertainment, World Traveler, and Across The World riddle packs - Additional level packs available for purchase including riddles for children and young adults * Challenge - Test your knowledge of emojis and their meanings - Track your completion of each riddle in Free Play mode - Strive for error-less and hint-less completion * Experience - Simple, intuitive interface - Enjoyable sound effects for correct words and riddles - Highlighting of current emoji-word upon text entry Enjoy!
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