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    Aeternum Vale
    By Boris Cerdan
    It was just one of those casual relationships. You had a good time together, but no L word was ever pronounced out loud. You thought "I'm still young, I should be having fun, not commit". Why take things too seriously? At her funeral, you realized a great many things. It was your fault. You never made her feel special. You should have told her your real feelings.Then came the reclusion. The alcohol. The drugs. And the mix of the two that made your heart stop. And fall into these unknown limbos.
    Aeternum Vale is a melodic & atmospheric 2D pixel-art adventure through a strange and uncharted world, full of riddles and mysteries, set somewhere between a puzzle platformer and a Metroidvania. You will have to roam this huge handcrafted world, uncovering secret paths and new abilities enabling you to keep exploring further and further these strange unexplored lands, while facing a wide array of enemies and deadly bosses. But the soul of the project resides in its evocative storytelling, told through the world itself and an endearing cast of wacky characters. Through this unwordly mist, YOU are the main character. This is YOUR story. YOU are lost. But Everybody gets lost. And it's time to find the way back.
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