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    Dungeon Walls
    By LockedTales
    The castle has been invaded by all sorts of monsters and their huge boss: ¡A dragon! Only your hero  can deal with this  dungeon crawl. He will have to face dire dangers, overcome the traps, crush the monsters, and set the castle free from its curse. Enjoy this roguelike game where you will plow your way through until you reach the final boss: the powerful dragon
    A MAZE OF DOORS Each dungeron  is full of doors. A monster or a trap could be waiting for you behind each one of them, but there can be very valuable objects and upgrades for your hero  too. Choose the right door! You never know what lays ahead CLASSIC ROGUE LIKE GAME Corners to explore, a heroic fight, loot, monsters, a store to re-equip... and a boss waiting for you at the end. Just a classic  heroism game. BROWSE ADVENTURE You will find many dangers... but there's always time for a break. When your hero  rests he can upgrade his skills and furthermore, you'll get coins with every victory so you can buy equipment. And... if things start to get ugly you can always turn to your gods. Remember they are on your side! FEATURES Always different. Loot or threat could be hidden behind each door. Collect coins to upgrade your equipment. Level up and improve your skills. Earn your gold defeating demons, elementals, skeletons, minotaurs, and other critters. Get everything you need from the store. Play fun mini-games  that will help you out with your main goal. ¡You'll have to manage your resources wisely!
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