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    Chaos Theory Pirates
    By Chaos Theory Studios Ltd.
    Set in an evolving virtual pirate world utilising the Chaos Theory "Butterfly Effect" system giving a special blend of an RPG and RTS and including an emphasis on all NPC AI interactions.
    Chaos Theory - Pirates is a mini-game built upon the Chaos Theory mechanics to help with further development of the overall system. As the pirate captain, stranded on a desert island, it is your responsibility to look after your crew and return them to safety. Survive the harshness of a desert island by foraging for food and finding a source of clean water to drink. Build makeshift huts to keep you safe from the weather and make sure you look after the morale of your fellow crew members as no captain would want to have to deal with a mutiny on a desert island. Finally be careful at night as there are rumours that the island is inhabited by the undead soldiers from a long forgotten pirate battle.
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