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Block Wars
By TMD Studios
Shoot your way through an onslaught of blocks and enemy ships. Blocks that get past you will stack, making the play area smaller. Use power-ups to destroy stacked blocks. Enemy ships get more difficult as the game progresses. Follow enemy patterns to anticipate their attacks. How far can you get?
Block Wars is a 2d top-down shooter with a focus on falling blocks. Failing to shoot blocks will allow them to get past the player and stack, making the play area smaller. The game is split into levels that are passed by defeating a level boss. These bosses will drop "pow" pick-ups that can be used to clear stacked blocks. The player ship changes color when the player lifts their finger (or taps the screen when using the virtual joystick). Changing the ship color, also changes the ship's bullets. This can be used as a strategy to handle different situations in the game. Blocks will occasionally drop power-ups that the player can use to gain an edge.
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