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    Feline Frenzy
    By Khafra
    Collect all those Cats! Simple Match 3 style game, click and collect them all
    Cats! Lots of cats! If you like cats then this Match 3 game is for you. Just double click a group of 3 cats or more to remove them from the grid. You have to get the required amount of cats in the time limit to move onto the next level. Multiple levels, each with there own cat icon, try collecting them all. The game has many achievements to keep you coming back for more so why not try collecting them all. Try challenging your friends and the world by getting the best score. Features - Multiple levels - Quick gameplay - Simple gameplay - Multiple 'Achievements' to keep you coming back for more - World Leaderboards - Online and Offline play It is a very simple and fun game for all ages, it is a simple pick up and play game.
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