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    Six Pack Man
    By noahbwilson
    An explosive Bomberman/Pac-Man/Gauntlet mash-up that has Boozer (a drunk clown) and Hobbo Stubs (a mindless hobo) digging around in the sewers for loose change while blowing up zombies with bombs. Makes sense to me.
    After trying their luck in Shopping Cart Carnage, homeless heroes Boozer and Stubs have headed to the sewers to look for beer money, well aware that people commonly just throw away their pennies. But the sewers of Osos Bay are no place for a clown and a hobo, no matter how drunk they are. The sewers are crawling with Grombies; greedy, self-obsessed zombies that are eager to steal your money and your life! Thankfully, Boozer and Stubs are armed with bombs ... lots and lots of bombs that they don't mind using in their search for pennies! In this Classic mega-mashup, play as Boozer AND Stubs with an awesome 'teamwork' style on your quest to make enough money to buy a six-pack ... or maybe even a twelve-pack!
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