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    Fat Bird - Tap to fly and feed Fat Bird!
    By zakkaplay
    Can a Fat Bird fly? A heavy, fat bird flapping wings with maximum effort to fly, but be careful not to over flap, or the fat bird will crash through the forest! Get a great finger workout while staying at home!
    Fat Bird is really angry & hungry! Fat Bird was woken up in the middle of the night by his growling tummy. Being lazy, he wanted to go back to sleep...but bright flashing lights outside his nest, made it impossible to do so! Fat bird looked out & saw that pesky fireflies are making the forest too bright to sleep! Fat Bird had a bright idea! Might as well eat as many of the pesky fireflies as he can to get rid of the pesky fireflies... & his growling tummy! What's the highest score you can get? Funny time killer that'll have you tugging your hair in frustration as you fly to eat as many fireflies as you can! Fat Bird features : ❖ Great finger workout! ❖ Super small download! ❖ Super hard to put down! ❖ Totally free casual arcade game! ❖ Easy to play, super hard to master! ❖ Designed to be playable with one hand!
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