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    CodeMe Creator
    By Computers Are Free For Everyone Ltd
    CodeMe Creator was designed by young people to help other young people build and publish their own levels of a giant platform game. Every level published becomes the next level of the game. It was designed to be as accessible as possible and requires no login details so that all players are anonymous and safe.
    CodeMe Creator lets children create their own 2D platform games simply by selecting items from the menu and adding them to the game area. Children are also introduced to the concept of variables in games; by changing properties such as speed, strength and damage they can affect how easy or difficult each section of their game will be. CodeMe Creator aims to be accessible to as many players as possible. Many elements of the game have been designed and tested by students with a variety of special needs. Our experience of co-designing the game with this team of students is contributing towards research being carried out as part of the EDUCATE training programme. CodeMe Creator is also helping underprivileged young people in Bangladesh with training and employment opportunities. Much of the artwork for the game is being drawn by students from Computers Are Free For Everyone, a charity that provides free of cost training in coding, web development and graphic design. The younger students are also involved in testing the game during development, as well as creating levels.
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