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    By Grapevine Games
    An exciting new 3D mobile isometric challenge that will challenge your mental dexterity to the max.
    Cubemash is a unique new concept in mobile gaming which is a clever blend of arcade, causal, and rapid puzzle solving genres. It combines elements of simple design, very challenging gameplay, and addictivesness that guarantee to keep gamers hooked for a very long time. The idea is to roll the cube over a platform in the most efficient manner to capture colored cubes / objects by matching the right face of the player cube with the platform objects. This may sound simple, but requires quick thinking and controlled finger movement to rapidly capture the objects before they explode. YES, the objects explode too! There are multiple challenging elements in the gameplay that the player has to be mindful of in order to stay alive, and level up. These are: - Capturing the cubes / objects before they explode. Being anywhere near an exploding object will result in a game over. - Rapidly capturing cubes / objects to keep the health meter filled. There's no idling in the game, so the player has to keep moving to keep the juices flowing. - Avoiding the evil "Darkcube" that appears in the middle of each level. The Darcube will follow you around the platform and you have to make sure not to collide with it. Gameplay increases in difficulty as you level up, which means less time to capture the cubes, increased movement speed of the Darkcube, and faster draining of the health meter. Now that's a challenge! Cubemash also features power-ups, like an extra health, or shield, or speed boost. These can help in progressing through the game. The player has to collect coins during the game in order to get these items. PLUS, the greatest reward in Cubemash is "themes". Themes are beautiful hand-crafted environments which serve to support the basic gameplay, but also convey a message, act as a tribute to an entity or cause, or are just pieces of clean. captivating art. The player can unlock these themes using the coins collected through the levels.
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