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    Scrappy Tennis
    By Daniel Erdmann
    You can challenge your opponents in 6 different tournaments. You will travel around the world. All stadiums and tennis courts have a unique style. Your goal is to get a golden trophy in all of the tournaments. During the game your character will gain experience and will level up. You receive points, which can be used to improve your speed, accuracy and shot power. The speed of the matches increases while you and your opponent are getting stronger.
    In the finals the game is a colorful mix of slice, volley and stopballs. You can challenge your friends! The game has a global ranking of all the players, that are playing Scrappy Tennis. All players are in a huge list and only one player will be at the top of it. You can maintain a friend list, too. You can always see which level you and your friends have. Scrappy Tennis is the perfect game on the go. You can play it with one hand and you can play a fast match with the quick game mode. If you like the game, do not forget to check out our other games and leave a good review
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