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Block Puzzle Wild Free Block Puzzle
By bestallgames
In our game Block Puzzle Wild you need to create vertical or horizontal lines and earn as many points as possible.
In our game Block Puzzle Wild you need to create vertical or horizontal lines and earn as many points as possible. Only full lines with blocks will be blast, so plan ahead and keep an eye on the available pieces block puzzle. The game is over if there’s no space left on the grid to place a stone blocks. This game is from the block games category, is a perfect for any puzzle block lover to have an enjoy of addictive with free puzzle games. Are you ready to have fun in Block Puzzle Wild? - Easy to play this new free puzzle game wild - The blocks can not be rotated - You must collect the stars to buy a bomb or a lightning bolt, to break bricks and destroy block puzzles - You can destroy the blocks when you have no space, or when you have a strategy and want to destroy as many blocks as possible - Totally free puzzle games with no in-app purchase - These free puzzle games are a relaxing way to spend your free time - Train your brain as you score higher in this free blocks tetris game - This game is related to jigsaw puzzle games or tetris games because you can develop your concentration skills - New mode puzzle & stars blast block puzzle games - Constantly update the various shapes of blocks, classic and challenging - Family block games choice: game for all ages - Play with your childrens everyday, increase the family time - Play with your friends, spend all time to increase the friendship - You had to think twice before you putting these blocks on the grid - Choose the best position for each block depending on their shapes. - Try to make full lines vertically or horizontally and try to destroy as many lines at once to get many points - It is really a casual wild tetris game for your free time - You can't stop playing it once you start ✔Why choose us? - CLASSIC mode: Eliminate as many blocks as you can and destroy more and more bricks! - Wonderful blocks: Bomb! Electric Bomb! - Trophies and achievements to be made throughout the game! - HD graphics that look great on
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