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Kat and Bunn
By Diver
Make great friends and treacherous enemies as you join stuffed companions Kat & Bunn on their journey to find their owners.
Kat & Bunn are two stuffed animals belonging to a pair of young siblings in a wealthy family. Bunn belongs to the daughter who loves him dearly and Kat belongs to the son who couldn't care less for him. Because of this, Bunn is happy and cheery while Kat is sometimes cold and doesn't show his emotions well. One day, the two kids go missing and Kat & Bunn go on a journey to find out what happened to them! Along their journey, they meet a wizard who casts them into an unknown world. Travel alongside Kat & Bunn in their journey to find their owners and make amazing friends and treacherous enemies along the way. You'll find tons of unique items and worlds to explore.
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