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    Neither Day nor Night
    By Carnotaurus Team
    STORY: I can't reveal too much about the storyline. The story of this game is similar to life - the longer you live the more you know about it, or at least you can allow yourself to make such a conclusion. Let me present you the first card from this story deck. The game begins with the presence of two sisters who live under an unusual, common roof. One night, the rays of light coming from outside the apartment awakens the older sister. It turns out that the younger sister disappeared. Escaped? Was she kidnapped? What was the light of the day in the middle of the night? What is the truth - and do you need to know it? Let's get started. KEY FEATURES: Addictive storyline Mysterious sceneries and opponents Attack, avoid and use the environment to survive Endurance bar is being consumed on jumps, attacks, hanging from the edges, etc. When you are exhausted, you will be defenceless against the harsh environment You die bloody, often and in various ways Blood is drawn on surroundings in real time 4 Unique Worlds Secrets and additional locations to discover DESIGN PILLARS: Progressive difficulty level Bloody and mysterious Difficult, but fair Game of skill
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