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    Dino Maker
    By noahbwilson
    Ever wanted to make your own Dinosaur? Of course you have ... duh. Dino Maker lets you do that, and so much more! Go on adventures as your own Dino that you design! Not only can you play tons of puzzle-ish levels in this 2D-platformer, but you can make your own levels as well and share them with everyone. This is truly a Dino-making game of endless possibilities!
    You can hop right in and play the exciting, puzzley Arcade Mode, chosing from a variety of Level Sets created by players like you! Or go on a grand adventure in Adventure Mode through jungles, across oceans, up mountains, in volcanoes, through cities, and even into outerspace as you look for lost Dino Eggs. Need more? Fine! How about Making and Sharing your own Levels that you create in an easy, fun, and intuitive Level Editor! Create up to 24 different Levels and challenge your friends (or strangers) to play them! You can even submit Levels you create to Dino Maker and earn tons of SCP Coins! You never know what new Levels are going to be created, keeping Dino Maker still fresh and challenging. Still need more? No sweat. Check out the Dino Editor where you can use different Dino Heads, Legs, Bodies, and Tails to customize your own Dino, and even pick its colors! You can make your Dino the way you want it, or beef it up to conquer puzzles. You can also take care of your Dino Eggs and watch them hatch into prizes! - Arcade Modes updated often with new level sets! - Adventure Mode lets you progress through the Dino World (coming in v2.0)! - Create 25 of your own Levels and submit them to be used in Arcade or Adventure Mode. - Play Levels created by others! - Customize your own Dino with Parts you find or buy (via in-game currency) in the game! - Syncs with all other SCP Games!
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