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    WWII Power Quiz
    By DosDGames
    Free Game or Play Campaign and win more of 60 thematic cards and 18 Achievements. More of 150 questions of all countries
    WWII Power Quiz! It is a trivia style game about World War II. With more than 160 questions with a varied difficulty that will challenge even the most knowledgeable of this immense armed conflict. With two game modes: -Free mode: where you can randomly access all the questions in the game - Campaign mode: distributed between the two major sides that participated in this contest (Allies and Axis). Each participating country has its individual campaign. In this game mode you will have more chances to win cards, victory points and military resources. In addition, it has a collection of more than 60 letters from the different countries participating in the contest, grouped into: infantry, mechanized force, air and naval forces. These cards bring, depending on their quality, bonuses to be used during the different campaigns. There are also 18 challenging achievements that give the heroic player medals in honor of his feats. Enter and know the secrets of the darkest and most terrible military conflict that had virtually everyone in check. WWII Power Quiz! It will take the player through unknown corners, countries, battles, heroes and places that are not normally mentioned when talking about this war. THANK YOU FOR INTERESTING IN OUR APP!
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