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Shadō: The Minimal Snake Game
By defpotecstudios
A modern twist on the classic "snake" game genre featuring dynamic shadows and a minimalist design. Download it today on the Google Play Store:
Collect all the balls to advance to the next level. Each ball you collect will "shadow" you (follow your every move), but be careful not to crash! Each section has a new twist, the first being that you move slower when you're in shadows. Key Features: • Fast Paced Arcade Gameplay with high speed action. • 30 levels - A snake game with levels! Introducing shadows, switches, portals, and more... • Classic Mode - How long can you survive before crashing? • Online Global Leaderboard • Unlockable Bonus levels • Time it right and pass through your own tail, if you dare! But don't crash! • Multiple control options - Control the ball with a simple swipe or tap the screen to change directions. • Gamepad support • Skip levels if you get stuck. • 100% FREE game! • Language options for English and Spanish with more to come...
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