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    Ultimate Reality
    By LinkUpGames
    Travel the realms of reality in search of an unknown entity who threatens life on every dimension.
    [The Game] Ultimate Reality is a 2D platformer indie game that combines the elements of classic platformers with modern game mechanics like finishers and a heavy influenced combat system. You play as Drake Smith, a man who can travel to alternate realities and aquire the attributes of those realities. This is an early demo of the game and can be subject to change. [The Story] Play as Drake Smith, a young adult inspired by the multiverse theory to create a device that allows dimensional travel possible. Drake Smith has been a vigilante for over a year, fighting crime under an unknown hero alias. After discovering a mystical artifact, Drake Smith has an epiphany that someone is trying to destroy every known dimension that has ever existed. Suit on as Drake Smith goes around the Multiverse in search for this mysterious figure and stopping him from destroying every reality. You have to fight against time, even though time is relative. Your actions can have consequences in other realities. You are the only one that can stop him. Features: - More than 5 different suits with different fighting styles - 10 different unlockable dimensional abilities - 5 different maps located in different dimensions - Emmersive combat system that includes, combos, gadgets, and finishers
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