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    Rushy Road Run
    By IndGMaster
    There is an old saying: "Why did the chicken cross the road?". In 2017, this may have a new version: "Why did potato jump on the road?". - How far can you help the character to go? Don't let the car hit you! - How much coin can you get? - Can you get all the character form the Kami? 100% free to play!! It could be one of the best blocky style (like Crossy Road?) in 2017. Like us! Support us! Share to your friend! Like us! We need your support to product more and more level and good games! *
    From *Zero* to *One* ------------------------ This game is totally start from zero. As an indie game developer, it is easy to have more idea than what you actually can do. When you are believing that you are moving forward for 2 steps. But the result could be going back for 1 step. When you think you have got all the resources you need, and you started to work on your project, you will find out more and more issues that you have not been expected. Something you created a new feature and you are so proud of youself, the next day you found there is another bug suddenly jump out and trying to catch you, and you have no way to hide. It is extremely frustrated. For this kind of time, have a cup of coffee, play a game or having a good sleep and relax usually solve the problem. If not, maybe re-planing the path is another go way to go. The *Ideas* ----------- You never say Doom is a clone of Wolfenstein but is inspired by it. Then, the style Rushy Road Run is highly inspired by the Crossy Road. Eg. The bloxy style of gaming, the reward mechanism. However, there is more than that. You can continue the game if the player die and you pay a price. It is planing to have different levels that can let people jump around in 3D space. This is totally different from the original game. *Audio* is *Visible* --------------------- Before doing the style stuff, the game is only made with cubes and the cube can jump around as current game. On the way through development, I started to found out that the blocky style is the best for the game and for me. I cannot make 3D models as the professional guy but at least it can represent some kind of character.  Most people thinks that audio is not important. Many people even turn off the music after a few times of game play. To fit the need for them, I add the basic "Music" and "SFX" volume option panel for their needs. Is audio not important? I think most of the people will say yes. Whereas, I have the experience in filming with friends
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