By PetterBergmar
Cute, stylized and very challenging puzzle game. You move in four directions and can only change direction after you hit a wall. A level is cleared once you reach the goal portal. Includes level editor!
As you progress new mechanics are introduced: bouncers, doors, buttons, switches, stoppers, pushers and teleports. The level design combines cute graphics with very challenging puzzles. - 72 unique handcrafted levels. Early levels introduce the basic mechanics, but soon the game becomes challenging and toward the end it's brutally hard. - A world map where you navigate 8 different areas. - Star rating for each level adds replay value, the completionist can go back and try to beat levels in as few moves as possible. - Soundtrack features 20 different music tracks. - A level editor is included so you can make your own levels and share with others, or play what others make. The game was created by me, Petter Bergmar. I developed the game on my own in my spare time, starting early 2014 and worked on and off until it was released in late 2016.
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