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    Puzzled Knight
    By TMD Studios
    Match tiles to attack your opponents or defend against their attacks. Earn gold to buy special moves to help you defeat your enemies. Play one of 3 game modes, Arcade, Classic, and Tournament. Each opponent has their own strengths and weaknesses. Earn experience points to level up your character. Increase your stats to even the odds!
    Puzzled Knight is a match-3 style game that pits you agains an AI opponent. There are 3 game modes - Arcade Mode for the hardcore minded, Classic Mode for the casual gamer, and Tournament Mode for the leaderboard fanatics. Match swords to attack, shields to block, dodge to dodge enemy attacks, gold to earn gold, crates to earn items, or books to earn extra experience. Earn extra moves by making more complex matches. Use special moves to your advantage as they also give you an extra turn. Level up your character to even the odds. Can you beat the boss?
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