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    Devil039s Desk
    By Touch Times Studio
    《Devil’s Deck》 is a Roguelike card game, in adventures and combats, you will improve your strength gradually and improve your deck-building.
    There are 3 mythic floors, each floor you have 20 days to improve your strength. Every 5 days a demon minions attack, after 20 days the boss event will come. You can take 1 cell every 1 day, there are usually 6 cells around you to choose from. In combats, you can immolate a card every your turn to increase the Max Mana. The minion you summoned will attack automatically which blocks it, or it will attack the opponent’s hero when it’s not blocked. What cards to immolate or use, where a minion to place, all of that means you have plenty choices. Roguelike----Random dungeon world. Extremely high freedom. One life clearance. Deck-building----Get one initial deck and improve it through adventures and combats. Unique system----Original combat system, different experience compare to other card gameplay. Abundant strategy----Whether adventures or combats, have rich variety of options. Abundant pattern----Different heroes has plenty ways to play. Enough challenging----20 difficulty to challenge.
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