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    By Existential
    A main character losing his old friend in tremendous event. During his search for him he stumbled upon some mysterious clues and only you can decide how to interpret them and which way to progress.
    The path to yourself is thorny and lonely. Through the game, the hero will be able to think how much he is ready to choose himself and the corresponding responsibility. A hero with varying levels of stress who looking for his friend. Spontaneous anxiety attacks will hit at random or unsuitable time. How bad they will be depending on current level of stress. The level of stress is formed in the process of the game. And he is always in front of a choice. Sometimes circumstances force him make decisions faster. Decisions feel important and enemies are very dangerous The main idea is to reflect on one of the existential - freedom. The goal of the game is to uncover the thought of acquiring one’s life and freedom by relying on one’s thoughts and one’s own choice.
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