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    Danger Bounce
    By Tembo Entertainment
    Bounce have never been so fun before. Bounce and hop with cute little ninjas.
    He is little. He is cute and he is also a ninja. Unlike most ninjas, his specialty is not sword, he masters bouncing and hopping through pillars. But he does not like to hop through just simple pillars, he prefers colorful ones. Avoid danger, pit and holes and test your reflexes in your adventure. Chose the right strategy, tap wisely and accurately to master this impossible fast paced action game. Sounds easy, doesn't it? Danger Bounce will challenge your tapping skills and test your reflexes. Tap fast and tap wise. How far can you survive? Features - Easy addictive one-tap control game play. - Rhythm-based jumping and bouncing. - Multiple unlockable cute ninja characters. - Hoping through colorful world of pillars. - Mimimalistic graphics
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