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    TRIZ Sacred Geometry Puzzles
    By ArtFireGames
    50 Atmospheric Puzzles - Art Objects of Tangled Geometry, with experimental game mechanics, change the Form and Color, gradually immersing you in the World of Meditation
    Disentangle the color web of mysterious geometric interweaving and discover fascinating hypnotic shapes. Distract from reality in the world of pure abstract forms and bright subtly changing colors. Give in to the meditative atmosphere and go with the flow of serene tranquility. Modern abstract art comes to life and turns into puzzles! How to play: Rotate the circles - the triangles will change shape and color, creating different shapes Your goal: Collect the figure in-accuracy similar to the sample. Be attentive not only with the shape but also with the color It helps you: • Hint lines that connect a vertex with a point at which it should be • Green circles mean that the vertex is already in place. • A small sample of the figure in the solved state (in the upper left corner of the screen) What is in the game: • a unique game mechanics that you will not find anywhere else except the game TRIZ • 50 impressive hand-made puzzles, each with its own solution logic • turn the figures like in origami • mix colors like in a kaleidoscope • unravel the cobwebs of logic as in the game "Cat's Cradle" or "Rope" as they say • improve your logical thinking • disassemble and assemble each puzzle in different ways • too easy? Try to turn off hints-lines! • or try to go through all the puzzles again, but without hints-lines • enjoy bright palettes of subtly color transitions • play with friends and family • there is a set of stickers to decorate your messages • atmospheric music was written specifically for this game. Headphones are recommended! • the meditative style in everything - gameplay, controls, music, colors • a wide number of different achievements (for those who like it) What is not in the game: • no annoying pop-up ads • no in-app purchases • no time limit Are you still waiting for something? Rather grab the game!
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