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By EricZinda
Exospecies is a new turn-based strategy game with a retro, surreal feel. Inspired by CCGs but played on a 2D map from the exospecies' alien habitats, it has a rich set of units with abilities that can be combined to power up attacks. It is free-to-play, with an ability to earn or buy in-game currency to get different units, maps, campaigns and a map editor.
Not too far in the future, humans will be just another species battling to survive. In Exospecies, you prepare for this certain future by recruiting a team of aliens with unusual abilities to win strategic battles in exotic alien locales! - Simultaneous turn-based strategy: Both players take turns at the same time for fast turn-based play - Campaigns: Command your forces in a series of battles with different AI enemies - Challenging Local Games: Play local games vs. tough AI commanders in campaigns or on any map you choose - Multiplayer 24/7: Play against friends or use matchmaking to find worthy opponents - Tons of species: With actions like Space-Time Bend, Slug Trail, and Hell Jelly you can create huge strategic opportunities - Combinable actions: Actions build on each other: combine them to increase their power - Custom maps: Battle against AI, friends, and random enemies in your own custom habitats using the Map Editor - Multiple games: Battle multiple human or AI opponents in different games at the same time Defend the human race and get us a tiny bit of intergalactic respect!
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