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    Poly The Run
    By EkZoGames
    The newest game, be the first to pass it to the end Help Poly get to the villain and catch him! -Complete all levels and defeat the enemy! -Nice music and great graphics will help you with this, enjoy. -Collect no more than one arrow at a time, and hit the enemy! A new type of endless runner from the creator of DiZu from EkZo Games Studio.
    COLLECT COINS Collect enough coins to get to the next level! AVOID OBSTACLES Go around obstacles carefully, this cruel world does not forgive mistakes. Only one life. Only hardcore. COMPLETE ALL LEVELS You must pass all 5 levels. This will help you buttons that appear at the bottom when collecting the required number of coins DEFEAT THE ENEMY The enemy creates obstacles behind them. Also sometimes he drops arrows. Collect them to win!
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