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By Demon Games Studio
How will you spend your time in this world? Check it out :D #gamedev
Many years ago, Brian found himself deserted on a barren island. Confused and alone, he had to learn to survive and make the most of the minimal resources the island had to offer; unfortunately for Brian his survival skills were no match for the island. Years after Brian’s untimely demise, in the distance, floating towards the arid land, is a raft; and on that raft? YOU! The island is a peaceful place, surrounded by clear calm waters and another, neighbouring island. The breeze is cool and refreshing; it would be a tranquil oasis of not for the lack of civilisation and modern amenities. Now you, alone, on these two small islands, must use what you can find to build, craft and survive, if you have any chance of making it out alive. The last person to be stranded on the island did not survive... Will you fair better than Brian? Take your time, enjoy the scenery, explore, and interact with your new surroundings, and unravel the mystery of the island. Stranded has been created to test your survival skills, and also to be a relaxing experience. It features 2 poly-styled islands of open space that you can move around freely. Stranded is a virtual reality game that is built for the Oculus platform, with full a 360°, interactive gaming experience. You can move around in VR, build, craft, and interact with the world around you. Stranded is an Early Access title, meaning we are still working on some of the features and updates will continue to be made. Once completed, Stranded will feature an in-game story that is filled with mystery and intrigue. Please follow Stranded on Facebook and stay up to date on all development.
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