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    Mochi Plush kawaii
    By amlcreation
    With this adorably frosty winter update, the sun has put on her little beanie and snow is covering the cute world of Mochi Plush Kawaii!
    Open the magical cabinet, choose the skin of your Mochi plush, add the color and modify the appearance with the amazing experience of dress-up games. You’re going to love it! Mochi Plush Kawaii is different from other dress-up games in that it combines a Mochi plush creation, bedrooms decoration, pets games, stickers collection games, and several mini-games for an amazing experience. CREATE AND DRESS UP A CUTE MOCHI: It’s not so easy to create a unique Mochi plush kawaii! Be a professional stylist and designer and use your skills at dressing games to make a cute Mochi plush. Choose your character, add facial features, colors, and clothes. CUSTOMIZE YOUR ENVIRONMENT: Change the color of your house wall, change the roof or the ground. Decorate your Mochi bedroom, modify colors and decorate the bedroom of your Mochi by adding cute furniture for unstoppable entertainment! Customize his bathroom, and give a bath to your cute Mochi plush or to the baby animals! Decorate the 3 bedrooms for your babies' animals plushes. COLLECT CUTE STUFF: In the dispensers room, you can get kawaii stickers for your collection. Paste them in the virtual album. Get over 100 different foods for your Mochi as well as cute baby animals plushes. Babies can be installed in an adorable baby room, and you can take care of them: decorate the baby rooms, feed them, dress them, bath them, ... There are over 20 animals to collect (cat, dog, unicorn, bear, rabbit, penguin, yeti, red panda, ...) WEATHER: Change the weather to suit your mood. You can choose between sun, cloud, rain, snow or rainbow. REWARDS: Win every consecutive day played, a surprise or bunny tokens. The first week, you will be rewarded with totally adorable new features: - Day 3: a weather button and choose according to your mood: cloud, rain, snow, rainbow, or sun - Day 5: a brush button to personalize your home - Day 7: an outdoor playground for your Mochi Moreover, each day, you can win 6 bunny tokens with the mini-games.
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