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Star Impact
By Me Games Developer
Star Impact screams with nostalgic gaming fun! Classic Vibes √ Challenging Platforming Indie Gameplay √ 80s Synth Soundtrack √ Play as Interstellar Pilot Stella Striker. Similar to great classics like Mario, Sonic, and Super Donkey Kong.
Clever Indie gameplay puts a smart twist on the classic style you know and love. As a modern gamer, you will feel refreshed and challenged, but your inner child will be jumping for joy as you are flooded with epic gaming memories. Quotes "If you have any love for Donkey Kong Barrels from the SNES days, prepare to meet your maker." "I was left very impressed with the game play dynamics and I think it's really worth taking a look at, especially at the price it's selling for" "Fun run platformer with a nice challenge. Reminds me of some of the more unforgiving games from my childhood. Great soundtrack!" Gameplay Gameplay Gameplay! Star Impact is all about classic platforming gameplay. There is a story, beautiful graphics, rad 80s synth music, but the retro style gameplay is the foundation. A throwback to the great classics like Mario, Sonic, and Super Donkey Kong. If you grew up with the classics, this game will make you relive your childhood. Nostalgia Star Impact is a game for real gamers; Noobs and Farmville lovers beware. The game stars slower and gradually speed up as you progress. Play through a huge contiguous level that changes with each difficulty. With three difficulties, you can learn the basics through gameplay, while honing your skill for higher difficulties. Time your jumps and dashes while collecting the Star Impact to achieve the highest score. Fun / Fast / Hard / Replayable Play as Stella Striker, the pilot of the Interstellar space-ship Icarus II and unravel the mysteries of the galaxy. Avoid an army of ancient aliens, deadly environments, and solve unique environmental puzzles while maintaining faced paced gameplay. Blast Stella around the map through various cannons, Donkey Kong style. Leave earth, find the rare material Star Impact, and break through the barriers of space travel by securing the future of interstellar human travel! Features - Single Player: Play the story of human Interstellar space travel. - Leaderboard: Get the best score, ti
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