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By gramophonegames
Refoil is an inter-galactic, alternate reality, TV Metroidvania. Every run sets you for exploration in a new, uncharted alien world. With every death, you’ll gain experience only to maybe get a better fighting chance next time. Eternally? That depends on you, really.
A genre-defining, new game breed, paving the way for completely new experience dubbed as a Rogueoid! It’s something like Rogue-like Metroid, just better. Ok, it’s not that new and others who tried this before failed, you’ll say. We know, and we’re capable to fail gloriously! Features: Each run is a chance to explore a new world with all its secrets, dangers and dead ends like in your favorite Metroidvania. Every time you die you’ll be able to learn, unlock new abilities and get a bit further next time. Skill-based platforming and unforgiving combat with alien creatures and challenging bosses. Explore secrets to find out what is this place and how you ended up here. Maybe, just maybe, you’ll find a way to break from this endless loop. Community We’re planning to get Refoil in Early Acces as soon as we have enough content. We’re aware of how ambitious this idea is and this is why we need the help of the community. You can follow and participate in the development by joining us on Discord.
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