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    Ball World 3D
    By Network5 Games
    50 gems have been scattered across the Ball World 3D universe. Can you find them all without being attacked by glowing enemies?
    Ball World 3D is a 3D arcade/adventure game based with the goal of finding 50 gems across a huge map. To find all 50 gems, you must avoid all dangers such as enemies or even water. When you lose the game, you will have to start all over. With multiple soundtracks implemented into the game, the soundtracks give the player a “sense of relaxation,” as said by many testers of the game before the game was released. Ball World 3D features 9 different locations across the large map. Here is a list of all the 9 locations: Forest Spawn Point Graveyard City Old Ruins Village Farm Opened Settled Fields Red Tower Defense Forest Blue Tower Defense Forest With all of these locations, they hold 50 gems in total. Each asset into the game is designed as low-poly, a simplistic design but yet so beautiful to the human eye.
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