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Manic Miners
By maddma
Welcome to "Manic Miners" - just imagine, "Lemmings" meets "Boulderdash" ... with TNT tossed-in-too! And bulbs, smileys, sparks, wormholes, gas-pockets and earthquakes! Now with TWO PLAYER online game! Nigh-Swan !-)
Deploy your Tiny Miners (TM) to collect, and safely return home, as many jewels as possible. But, be very, very, aware - there`s a million ways to die daan there! Well, seven ... anyway! So, just a tip ... try to avoid falling. And drowning. And getting squished. Or gassed. Or burnt. Or blowed-up! Oh, and yes, do watch out for them darned wormholes, gas-pockets, and earthquakes! "The only game where you can push your rocks, and toss your TNT at a friend ?-)"
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