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    Project Dimentia Bodhisattva
    By TwinBlazar
    This is a free to play Brawler Metroidvania game with a playtime of 5 to 15 hours. A mysterious girl by the name of Nisha and her humanoid pets have attacked the Administrator Palace and stole the artifacts that could alter Samsara, the wheel of life. It is now up to you to stop them. You play as an Asura by the name of Aqua, who has the ability to multiply, breath fire with two heads and brawl her opponents to oblivion.
    Go to http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/660664 to play this game. IMPORTANT - This game is to be played on Chrome on Windows 7 for the best input responses and framerate. IMPORTANT - to ensure that the game can save properly, please increase the size of your browser's cache to a very high number. And ensure that the browser does allow the page to save data locally and there is no plugin/setting that could prevent it to do so. If the game could save successfully, you should see "==Game Saved==" text appeared when you reached a Checkpoint. ----- Features: - Multiply yourself to gain strategic advantage in this beat'em up platformer. - Gain more skills and abilities to dominate and fill the whole screen with nothing but yourself. - There are 70 Life Gems (Max HP + 5) and 40 Skill Gems (for upgrading skills) hidden for you to discover. In addition, there are 6 Ability Gems which provide you abilities for superior advantage in different situation. - Encounter different type of challenging enemies which require you to use your multiplying abilities to their fullest potential. - You can go for completionist 100% clear or daredevil low% clear, similar to many Metroidvania games. The game offers 2 difficulties: Normal and Hard - Basorexic loveable villian (...?) ----- Minimum Spec Requirement: CPU: First Gen i5 GPU: GT 240 RAM: 4 GB Recommended OS/Browser: Windows 7/8 Firefox/Chrome
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