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    First Impact: Rise of a Hero
    By Red Meat Games
    First Impact: Rise of a Hero immerses you in a beautiful comic book world where you can run, jump, fly, and summon the four elemental powers to protect citizens. Experience a lush array of islands and cityscapes through VR and uncover the truth about a mysterious force sending meteors to Earth.
    First Impact: Rise of a Hero is a superhero virtual reality game being developed by Red Meat Games. You survived after having been struck by a meteor and as you awaken you have been gifted with incredible powers. Venture out with the help of a quirky cast of supporting characters to discover the truth behind the fall of the meteors! Control the four elements of water, fire, earth and air as you take on a variety of enemies. Travel through the world how you want to by using your superpowers of flight, teleportation and even super jumping. Lift heavy objects like cars with your super strength all while in VR. Check out the Steam Page or our website for more details!
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