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Fables of Talumos
By Cheesemaster Games
Fables of Talumos is an adventure game set in a believable fantasy world. The game started as a sort of Zelda-tribute, but quickly developed into its own entity, with flavours from other games and books.
Fables of Talumos is an adventure game with a variety of flavours. The game takes place in Talumos, the Moonlight Realm, and contains characters from 4 distinct races. Fables of Talumos is an action-adventure game. The story is about a man named Oskar who regularly has very troubling dreams where he must save his wife Aeva from some sort of disaster. The game takes place just after one such dream, but I won't say more. Talumos is a world that I've spent many hours dreaming up. I hope to stage a number of games or experiences in Talumos, so I will continue to develop the world to make it a believable place. Check out the Kickstarter at: Or try the demo at:
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