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    I hate this game
    By Pixel Error
    I hate this game is a logic puzzle game, where gameplay changes with every new level. Solve crazy puzzles and use the long-forgotten functions of your PC! Be attentive, and interact with everything that you see on the screen.
    Each level uses a new mechanic. It will be funny! More than a hundred levels: 100 ordinary, 10 extra complex and 10 secret! Use the environment. Everything you see on the screen can help you get through, even the interface or the cursor of your mouse! Retro atmosphere. Stylish pixel art graphics in two colors that can be customized! Fresh Chiptune / 8bit Soundtrack by HateBit! The main character, being an idiot he is, got clickbaited into downloading the "Best Game Ever". Mysteriously, he got sucked into his own computer and to get out, he has to solve and survive all of the puzzles.
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