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By Gooberman
This game is a product of a ridiculous imagination. A text-based D&D inspired text game that features multiple paths and upcoming chapters to expand the story. Currently, there's a demo available, but the first chapter releases on the 8th of March. Try the demo to see if you like it! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND VISITING THE ITCH.IO PAGE FOR REGULAR UPDATES AND DEVLOGS
Ineptitude is a text adventure about a fella who never really wanted any part in anything. You play as an unemployed peasant who experiences a rude awakening at the hands of a couple bored paladins. Fight impossible foes that you really have no business fighting! Steal! Commit accidental war crimes! Persuade a dragon to kill itself! There's no end to the fun to be had. That's not true, there is an end of the game, I'm not god, I can't make an endless text game (can you imagine?). Actual Features Stats and Classes The game features stats and classes that alter gameplay drastically. Certain options will only appear if you have the required stat/item and some rolls are easier based on your current stats. Speaking of rolls... RNG Dice Rolls Like the randomness of a game like DnD but don't feel like actually having friends? Cool, me too. Anyway this game isn't a whole lot like that. The rolls that you make can influence the outcome of a scenario (or your life if you're really down the rabbit's hole). There's a lot that can change in a dice roll! A "Story" Mad ramblings and terrible occurrences count as story-line right? There's so many different endings and paths to take that you can almost guarantee that you won't take the same route twice - unless you're trying to. THIS IS A DEMO VERSION OF THE GAME AT THE MOMENT! The full version will be uploaded and updated once the first chapter has been fully completed. From then on, this game will cost around $3. The Demo shows the very beginning of the game, and displays how the random chance systems work, how the game functions and lets you meet 1 important character: Stitches The Merchant. Please do follow the game if you want regular updates and access to the full game upon release! This game was made as part of the My First Game Jam and was created in a grand total of 4 days. I plan on releasing a chapter a month into the full version of the game, purchasable once the first chapter of the game has been released
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